What Gaming PC does PewDiePie Use

What Gaming PC does PewDiePie Use?

are you looking to know about What Gaming PC does PewDiePie Use? A well-known face of YouTube Industry, PewDiePie originally named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has been fortunate enough to have the second-highest subscribers on his YouTube Channel. With his exclusive way of communicating with the fans and entertaining them with the unique comedic style, he has successfully managed to settle a place in the hearts of common people who are now known as his die-hard fans.

What Gaming PC does PewDiePie Use?

As the fans are extremely devoted towards knowing each and every single detail about PewDiePie, we have come up with some interesting facts about PewDiePie’s Gaming PC.

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Let’s have a close look towards all the latest installations on Felix aka PewDiePie’s Gaming PC that make things convenient and even more enjoyable for him.

Intel Core 9 (7th Generation)

Gaming is an obsession that is absolutely intolerant towards the hanging and it demands zero sagging plus smooth flow to make you enjoy the most of it. PewDiePie being extremely fanatical about his Gaming PC has installed the latest release by Intel, the INTEL CORE I9, having 7980XE Processor. The processor has 18 cores as well as 36 threads making it massively impressive and useful. With the blazing fast speed ranging from 3GHz to 4.40 GHz, Felix enjoys each and every bit of his gaming time smoothly. This I9 by Intel also has the capability of being optimized into a turbo boost. Whoa!? Amazing, isn’t it?

The only Con of this master blaster processor is its price which is way too expensive! But if it pays you back, is it not a win-win situation?


Felix ensures to keep his gaming rig as updated as possible which is why he is using the latest CORSAIR VENGEANCE 32GB DDR4 RAM. This huge amount of RAM actually helps the YouTuber a lot with his multitasking and enables to enjoy the live streaming along with the gaming without a single minute of sagging. Though that too is quite expensive, the blazing fast speed of 3200 MHz makes things smoother and fluent.


It’s useless to spend so much on the other elements if you don’t have the access to enough ROM for your PC as all these things go hand in hand to build a powerful and smooth gaming experience. Felix is smart enough to know the consequences and he uses both Hard disk drive and the Solid State Drive for a better experience.

Graphics Card

Along with the fast speed processor, RAM, and ROM, the graphics card is also one of the most important elements to set up a suave gaming atmosphere and who better than PewDiePie can know it? The young YouTuber is currently using NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI.

There is no modern game that can’t be played on ultra HD graphics using this graphics card by NVIDIA. The RTX 2080 is also able to provide real-time tracing which has been newly introduced to the world of gamers. 11GB VRAM makes the GC work even more efficiently and flawlessly. The Graphics card being used by Felix is quite expensive.

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