How Did PewDiePie Get Famous

How Did PewDiePie Get Famous?

Are you looking to know about How Did PewDiePie Get Famous? Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is one of the most hyped personalities of the YouTube Industry with more than 100 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. With his unique style of communicating with his fans, he has made a mark in the industry and is pretty much known all around the world for his hard work, comedy, and content creation and vlogging skills.

How Did PewDiePie Get Famous?

Are you curious about knowing how did this young Felix Kjellberg managed to become PewDiePie and reached where he is now? This article has everything you need to know about your favorite YouTuber so, don’t miss it and keep scrolling.

Early Life

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born in the second largest city of Sweden, Gothenburg where he was raised and brought up by his parents along with his sister, Fanny. According to the heartthrob, he was always interested in art and was not very fond of other fields which is why he left his degree in the middle of nowhere which was in the field of industrial economics and technology management.


It is quite rare to achieve everything at such a young age without having to struggle about it and your favorite YouTuber has also faced a lot of hurdles in his life to become what he is today!

In one of his Vlogs, he disclosed how his father refused to fund him for starting his YouTube career as according to him, this was a total time waste but Felix never gave up and remained focused towards his ambitions.

In 2006, when he began to pursue his dream of becoming a YouTube star he used to sell the printouts of his Photoshop arts. Are you surprised? Don’t be, he has also worked on a hot dog stand to fund his early YouTube videos. Yes, you again read it right.

He first registered his YouTube channel as PewDie referring to the sound of lasers and death as he was gaming freak. However, in 2010 he registered another channel under the name PewDiePie which is being used by him to date.

Felix became The YouTube Sensation

The hard work and dedication of young star paid back and by December 2011 he managed to gain 60,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. In December 2012 when he reached 2 million subscribers, he signed a contract to let his channel grow under the umbrella of the Makers Studios. Currently, PewDiePie is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube.

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