T series vs. Pewdiepie, something that kept popping up constantly this year on the internet. It is highly unlikely that you may have missed it, but if you did, then be a part of the right side of the internet. It was the competition between a man and a corporation, between PewdiePie net worth of 30 million vs. T Series’s net worth of 355 million.

PewDiePie vs t-series

Who is PewdiePie?

Pewdiepie was born on the 24th of October 1989, originally named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was brought up in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Felix actively studied for a degree in industrial economics, but soon lost interest. Inevitably, he dropped out of college and started to work part-time jobs at some agencies. Around that time, PewDiePieFelix got hooked to YouTube. This increasing fascination with the concept of YouTube compelled him to leave his job and divert his undivided attention to the YouTube channel, which he created back in 2010. It was tough to keep up with the demands of his subscribers, and Felix sold Photoshop art, while also running a hot dog stand to make ends meet. Soon, his channel started growing rapidly, with thousands of subscribers joining the ‘Bro Army’ as it is popularly known today. The channel crossed the million mark in mid-2012, and it only went uphill from there for him. While discussing Felix, it is improbable that one may miss out on mentioning Marzia. She is currently married to Felix, and they started seeing each other way back in 2011. It all started when both of them wrote back to each other while living in different European countries. They both found each other quite impressive, which prompted Marzia to move away from Italy to move with Felix in Sweden. She has supported him in the toughest times of his career, and we will discuss them later on. Felix is also very fond of his two dogs called Edgar and Maya. They appear in a vast array of Felix’s videos, due to the considerable attention he pays to them. Jack Septic Eye is another essential part of Felix’s career as he launched Jack’s career, as they were close friends. Felix recently got married to Marzia, which was got us all tired up.

Career Highlights

Many aspired Youtubers are curious to know the actual net worth of PewdiePie. Learning this stat may boost the morale of these young influencers, but the exact amount is unknown publicly. However, we can determine this number by discussing “How he makes his money”. As unlikely as it may seem, YouTube revenue is not the sole source of income of such influencers. A report on Metro stated that the vast majority of PewdiePie’s income comes from the sale of his merchandise. That accounts for almost £6 million. Other income consists of £900000 in YouTube AdSense and brand sponsorship deals such as GeForce. YouTube has recently started to de-monetize a lot of videos by adding strictness to their guidelines. Felix mentioned about this fiasco in a recent interview: “It’s inefficient, it’s unstable, and an insecure revenue model”. He further added: “(Most YouTube creators) do not sustain themselves on ad revenue”. This reflects on how PewdiePie’s net worth has reached such a high number.

The ten years that Pewdiepie has been on the YouTube platform have been nothing short of eventful. From the “Fridays with Pewdiepie” to the “PewdiePie vs. Series,” the “bro army” has been behind Felix throughout this most successful era. The subscribers, who have followed him from the beginning may recall that Felix uploaded a load of “Call of Duty” and “My craft” videos in the early days. By July 2012, PewdiePie had crossed 1 million subscribers, which was a rare event in those days, and thus his channel kept growing. By the end of the year, Felix signed a deal with Maker Studios after dismissing his contract with Machine, who were direct competitors of his current employers. After this deal, Felix attended many conferences. He was awarded as the best Youtubers in some of these conventions. This influencer took another long leap in his career during the next year by surpassing significant channels such as Jenna Marbles and Smash to become the Youtubers with the highest subscriber count. Inevitably, he maintained that position long enough for the “Guinness World Book of Records” to offer him a certificate, which declared him the king of YouTube. The next highlight of Felix’s career came in December of 2016 when he amassed a total of 50 million subscribers. In an earlier video, he mentioned that the PewdiePie channel would be deleted after reaching 50 mil subscribers. A video was released in response to the comments Felix made earlier, stating that it was obviously a joke, and he would delete the channel after it enters the 100 million club. 2017 was the year when Felix started to face backlash on social media about some of his racist slurs and jokes that are common to the white supremacists. He apologized, obviously, but a group of people was still calling for his head. An apology video followed soon. Unfortunately, the damage had been done, and everybody moved on. Finally, for the last one year, PewdiePie was in a battle between him, and an Indian music label to be the most subscribed channel in the YouTube world. Even After efforts from the “bro army” worldwide, fans were unable to suppress the unprecedented number of Indians who were joining this platform.

PewdiePie net worth

PewdiePie’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. This number is put up by calculating by adding the value of all property, brand deals, and annual income.

How much does PewdiePie earn per month?

Felix recently uploaded a video on his channel, titled: “Looking at my Analytics”. In the 13 minute duration of this video, he dives deep into the internet to look up defining statistics about him. He looked up his monthly earnings on a website called Social Blade, which estimated a number: £49.9K – £799.1k. On this stat, Felix commented: “Yeah, that’s about right”. This gives us a fair estimation of the monthly earnings of the YouTube star.

How much does PewdiePie earn per year?

This is a more straightforward answer to produce. If PewdiePie is earning around £400k in a month, then we multiply that number by 12 to get £4.8 million. This number is exclusive of the brand deals that offer signing bonuses, and other incentives to influencers like the man himself. Looking at this number makes it easier for us to comprehend the estimated Pewdiepie net worth.

How much does PewdiePie make per video?

Considering that Felix owns the second biggest channel on YouTube, it is easy to expect big payouts with a single video, but the fact of the matter is that the payment rate that applies per 1000 views differs according to the engagements of that particular video. That rate could variate from $1.5 to $7.5. Search engine Pete Vid calculated that the Swedish star made an average of $3319.71 per minute in the entirety of all his videos in 2018. An average PewdiePie video runs from 10 to 12 minutes. This implies that Felix is earning around an average of $34000 per video.

How many followers does PewdiePie have?

The “bro army” is a 101 million strong, that only on the YouTube platform. If we add up followers from other social media websites, then the combined strength comes up to 128.8 million, which is a substantially significant amount of people to influence. Infect, only about 13 countries have more population than Pewdipie’s Youtubers subscribers. As he ages, Felix also realizes the burden of influence on his shoulders and has transformed his humor to abstain from negatively affecting children and adults. He has already been blamed for being a white supermart, and a racist, which are serious allegations to deny. Thus, both the followers and Felix cooperate in this complicated relationship.

Pewdiepie Net worth in 2019

There is no official public information on the net worth of Pewdiepie. This has not prevented statistics gurus from coming up with their evaluations of the quality of the Swedish star. There are conflicting reports on this number, but the most prevalent and the available amount seems to be $30 million. These factors in the enormous sums of money he has earned over the years and deducting the charity in which he actively participates. Surprisingly, Felix does not receive the most money on YouTube. Other Youtubers earn almost double this amount these days, which goes on to prove that Felix was never in this industry to make money, yet entertain people, and he has been definitely successful in achieving that

PewdiePie Most Successful Years

Felix’s channel steadily grew over the years, and he still gets a higher number of views than most other channels. He is only 30 years old presently, so it is difficult to determine which will actually be his most successful years at the end of his career. For now, let’s assume that we will be sampling his years up till now. During the nine years that he has been active, PewdiePie’s success has been consistent, excluding 2017, where he struggled with the backlash at his comments. 2013 was a very successful year for Felix. He surpassed Smash to be the biggest YouTube channel, and at the end of the year, he was gaining a subscriber every 1.037 seconds. 2012 was another prosperous year for the famous Swedish Youtubers. He successfully signed a new contract with Maker Studios, which boosted revenue and popularity. In 2014 Felix’s videos were viewed for a whopping total of 4.1 billion times. This was higher than that of any other channel. Finally, we take a look at 2019. This year, PewdiePie became the first individual to pass the 100 million mark. He also renewed his “Let’s play” videos, which were almost non-existent in the years following his rise to fame. The T series vs. PewdiePie situation prompted loads of influencers to promote the PewdiePie channel, and he gained a mind-boggling number of subscribers.

PewdiePie’s Lesson to Beginners about Living a Happy Life

As he climbed up the rope of success, Felix understood his influence over the majority of people. This heightened maturity led him to be an inspiration to a lot of teens who engaged with his content. He once said: “The thing that has made YouTube so successful is that you can relate to the people you’re watching to a much higher degree than to the people you see on TV. “This quote is implying that the YouTube community is more closely knitted due to easier feedbacks, original content, and equal opportunities. He also mentioned in a 2015 interview: “I really think money doesn’t make you happy. I am just as happy now as I was five years ago. “This is an essential factor to key in a while thinking of initiating a career on YouTube. If one’s goal is to look for the money, then maybe this is not the field to work. A happy life requires motivation to work. If you are solei determined to get money, then you will never succeed because when the going gets tough, and it will, you break and move on. Felix dropped out of college because of his dream to be a Youtubers. His parents stopped providing him with any money, so he started to sell hot dogs for cash. He managed that with his YouTube hours, and eventually found success. PewdiePie most essential lessons are present in his history. So this is what most of Felix’s quotes guide beginners, too, and it is vital to be happy rather than being equally as successful.

In conclusion, we understand that Felix Kjellberg is YouTube’s most prominent name for a reason. He has worked long and hard for his moment with a non-existent ego. PewdiePie net worth is also something we learned of note. The fact that he does not show off those numbers like any other adult would do is quite impressing.